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To our solution and the project
  • Choosing Paradatec was a strategic decision for us. With their solution, we were able to complete high impact projects with a significantly improved level of accuracy and speed. We attribute our success on those projects to Paradatec’s commitment to customer service, attention to detail and ability to adapt to evolving customer needs.

    California based Top Lender, SVP
  • “We had attempted to use OCR in the past for Automated Document Recognition (ADR). Due to our prior experience and a variety of technical issues we were very skeptical about OCR. We asked a number of vendors including the Paradatec team to help us perform an extensive due diligence process which included a proof of concept test with our own documents. Paradatec was the clear winner based on our comprehensive vetting process.”

    Michael Rhoden, SVP of IT, FAMC
  • “The Paradatec platform has exceeded our initial expectations and continues to provide a high degree of automation with minimal configuration”

    Julia Willis, CFO, Audiovox Specialized Applications, LLC (ASA)

Case Studies

Mortgage Loan Audit Processing

Mortgage Loan Processing

Loan Document Automation